Thursday, December 9, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Having trouble figuring out what to get that certain someone for Christmas? The idea is as old as the hills, but it never loses its appeal: COUPONS!

I remember making a coupon book for my parents for Christmas when I was a very young girl. There were coupons good for "one doing of the dishes" and "one getting along with my sister" and, of course, plenty of hugs and kisses. A few years ago, my mother pulled out one of these booklets she had saved and attempted to redeem some of that dish-doing fifteen years later. Unfortunately for me, I had failed to include an expiration date on the coupon, and I found myself at the kitchen sink.

Coupons work especially well for that person who doesn't give a fig about presents. Perhaps the language of love they speak the most is quality time or acts of service. Wouldn't a coupon for a romantic dinner together or a freshly washed car make someone squeal in delight as much as diamond earrings? (okay, I might be stretching it a bit....ha!)

Pictured above are coupons I made for my husband one year for Valentines day. He has tried to re-use these coupons on several occasions. I'm happy to report that I have led by example and for my birthday this year, he was the one making the coupon for me:

I loved it! What an awesome gift. FOUR EPIC MASSAGES. "The kind of massage that Moses would have given Pharaoh had the locusts and stuff not worked........You're going to think King Leonidas is back from the grave and somehow mistook you for Xerxes daughter, but instead of a spear, he has massage oil."

Don't you just love it? There are coupon books you can buy and fill in the blanks, but I prefer making my own. So, ask yourself what those special people really want for Christmas this year. Perhaps a coupon is in order?

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  1. I love your home made coupons. They are so awesome looking.