Monday, January 17, 2011

The Infamous Bricks

For years we've worried about those blasted bricks. Although they made the perfect stage for a myriad of performances, and the handle to the wood burning stove made the best microphone, it was time for a change. Before I can remember, the stove in my parents' living room rested atop rows of ugly, oversized, white bricks with dark brown grout. These same bricks lined the wall behind the stove. I suppose it was in fashion at one point, but I'm not sure my mother ever liked it, and especially not when her children and now grandchildren were at constant risk of hurting themselves. Not to mention how badly they hurt our design sensibilities.

So, for Christmas this year, my sisters and I decided to pool our resources and come up with a better solution. The stove had to stay (what if the electricity goes out?) but the bricks DEFINITELY had to go!

Since my parents have a difficult time making decisions about such things, I created these sample images to give them an idea about wall color and mantle style. I didn't have any photos of the original stove and wall, so I searched the trusty internet for images that would be close enough. The stone tile had already been decided. We've been working on the project this weekend, and when it is complete, I will post pictures. Mom and Dad still haven't decided on a mantle, but they did pick a wall paint color. What would you choose?

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