Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Have No Greater Joy

I can't even remember how to operate this blog thing. Yes, it has been since January since I've posted. I've actually got a bunch of stuff to show you. That's the problem, see? I don't have time to blog because I've been busy making things! But I'm not going to worry about trying to blog all the time. I'm not trying to be rich and famous. I just want an outlet to share some of my thoughts and creative experiments. Some of them don't turn out too well, but maybe I'll show you anyway. Here is a painting I just finished that I'm entering into the International Art competition put on by the LDS church every three years. I have to wait until DECEMBER 31st to find out if I make it into round one of the judging. That's a long time to wait. But if I don't make it into the show, at least I have something that I think captures my cutie pie (now 18 months old) quite well. I have rarely painted myself. Who wants to look at themselves that long? I realized I need my roots done. :)

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