Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Put Your Pumpkins To Work

Are you tired of lazy pumpkins who, while festively decorated, just sit there and do nothing? Me, too. So I came up with some ways to use pumpkins that were both fun AND functional. Pumpkin candlesticks, pumpkin tiered platters, pumpkin name cards, gold-leafed pumpkins (Okay, some were not functional, but I digress....)

A few weeks ago I was asked to present a fresh technique on decorating with pumpkins on the lifestyle television show, Studio 5. Today was the big "reveal" and you can watch the segment here. The video sums it up quite well, but I've included additional images of the pumpkins I made. The gold spray paint I used was Krylon's Brilliant Gold and for the glittered pumpkins I simply brushed on some artist's acrylic medium (you can use white glue or Mod Podge) and sprinkled the gold over the glue. If you have any questions about any of these projects, drop me a line! Have fun making your own versions of these pumpkin ideas. (That is, if you can have fun knowing that your poor pumpkins are now working instead of sitting on the front porch just looking pretty.)


  1. Lor, you looked so good on Studio 5. Good job! Love your place setting idea. Super cute! All the pumpkins. Love!

  2. You are ridiculously talented! :) So cute on the show.

  3. Hi Loralee, It's your neighbor, Margaret. Since I haven't seen you outside this week, I wanted to let you know you did great last week on Studio 5. I love the cute gold candlesticks.