Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collage Art!

What a great time I had today as a guest contributor of Studio 5! If you missed the show, you can watch my entire segment on the Studio 5 website by clicking here. You will also find more detailed written instructions on the website, so there are no more excuses for why you can't make one of these collages yourself! In fact, I would love to see what some of you come up with. Will you share?
I just hope my husband will forgive me for cutting out that goofy picture (goofy, yet still undeniably handsome and debonaire) that Darren chose to show the entire world. Come to think of it, will my sister forgive me for showing the entire world a picture of her in a swimsuit? Oh, come on, you know you looked good.
Thank you to Studio 5 for having me on the show, and for all the support of my wonderful friends and family!

Now, go make art.


  1. I saw you on Studio 5! YAY!!! You were wonderful, and looked smashing!

  2. I just watched your segment. Great job! You did wonderfully and made me want to do some collage art. I'm not exaggerating either! I have a list formulating in my mind of people I'd like to create something for. You're great, Loralee!

  3. I saw your ksl segment and was inspired to create something. I would love to try some collage. Where did you find the vintage images(like the ballerina, the bee, the butterfly? What would I search for them under to find a book at the library?