Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcomed Guest

Yes, honey, I will create a post about our typewriter. As we were discussing this new blog last night, my husband's main concern was whether or not the typewriter would get its fifteen minutes. Isn't it lovely? We found it in the garage. Almost exactly a year ago, we purchased a home built in 1894 (more on that later) and it came stocked with all sorts of fabulous treasures.
Since the ribbon still worked, we set up the typewriter in our home and began writing love letters to each other. Then, we invited house guests to type a line or two, and now we've got quite the collection of quips and quotes from our favorite people.

This idea is a throw-back to my single days when two of my roommates and I started the "quote board." It was actually a long strip of butcher paper taped to our kitchen wall. As the content grew, so did my love for it. My meals at the kitchen table were always accompanied by a good laugh as I would read and re-read the comments made by my friends and family. And if you said something really spectacular, you might find it worthy to "go on the quote board." It was like reliving all the good times everyday.

Great interior design isn't always about having fancy decor, but about the ways you make your home special for you and for those who visit. What ways do you have to welcome and remember the people who knock on your door?


  1. Oh Loralee, I had to laugh at the name of your blog. Does it have anything to do with Bob Ross? Kirk is a HUGE fan of Bob Ross and titanium white is one of the many colors we hear him using all the time:) You are so talented and always have been! If only you were my neighbor and you could come over to consult me...

  2. Lara--HaHa! No, Bob Ross doesn't have anything to do with my blog. Titanium White is the number one paint color I use for all my work. There are a few others, Zinc White, Lead White, etc. But if Bob Ross uses Titanium white, I guess I must be doing something right!

  3. I love it. Please become rich and famous so that my Loralee Jessen original paintings will hold some sort of magnificent value I can brag about....

  4. Loralee, You are a doll and everything you do is amazing!!! Love you!