Monday, November 22, 2010

Give Thanks

Has anyone else noticed that it seems the holiday everyone is most excited for this week falls on Friday instead of Thursday? I, for one, feel sort of sick to my stomach. And I'm sorry I even called it a "holiday." It is just a day. I think of holy things as white, not black.

I was thrilled that the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special was on TV a few days ago. Thrilled, and surprised. I didn't think they allowed words such as "The Lord" and "faith" on channels other than BYUTV. It gave me a little glimmer of hope that perhaps there were some out there who were still celebrating Thursday, not Friday.

I will not be buying anything on Friday. I will be spending the day with my family (and if they want to go shopping, I will gladly go with them, because it is about spending time with them, after all). I just won't be getting out my wallet.

Hey, I've got a great idea. Why don't we all spend Friday making art together instead of shopping? That fits in perfectly with one of my goals this year: Be more of a PRODUCER and less of a CONSUMER.
Yes, I like it. Thursday for giving thanks and reflecting on our abundance, and Friday for making art. What do you think?

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  1. Mark approves. I wonder how many black eyes are received on black friday?